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2024 Brain Pool Fellowship Programs(BP&BP+)

1) 2023 Brain Pool

2024 Brain Pool Fellowship Programs (BP&BP+)


The National Research Foundation of Korea welcomes applications of Brain Pool Programs.

The purpose of Brain Pool (BP) Fellowship Programs is attracting outstanding overseas scientist to Korea to establish a long-term research networks between researchers.Brain Pool Info for promising young researchers (both independent/dependent). Brain Pool-2024 will be opened at Nov or Dec. Young "Independent" researchers in Bangladesh to attend to YIC (YKAST International Conference) at 2024.

A. Research Fields: All fields in science and technology

   ※ Preference fields: 12 National Strategic Technology Fields

  [12 National Strategic Technology Fields]

  ① Semiconductor and display ② Secondary cells ③ Leading-edge mobility ④ Next Generation nuclear energy ⑤ Leading edge bio ⑥ Aerospace and marine ⑦ Hydrogen ⑧ Cybersecurity ⑨ AI ⑩ Next generation communications ⑪ Leading-edge robotics and manufacture ⑫ Quantum

B. Eligibility of Brain Pool Candidates(BP fellow)

 ① Ph.D. holders who is living overseas (outside of Korea)

 ② In case of corporate and corporate-affiliated research institute being the host organization, scientist with five-year or more of on-site R&D experience overseas(outside of Korea) regardless of his/her possession of a doctoral degree

C. Research Period: (Type 1: short-term research) 6-12 months, (Type 2: long-term research) Max. 3 years*

   ※ (Type 1,2) Re-application available (Re-application is available only once, with the same host PI and BP fellow)

For more details, please find the attached files below.

1) [Download] 2023 Brain  Pool 영문 브로셔 

2) [Download] Brain Pool One page flyer

3) [Download] Announcement of Brain Pool Fellowship Program 2023 4th Call

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