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Home Fellowship List of Fellows Professor A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid
Professor A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid
 Professor A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid

Contact Info

Professor A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid
Prof. A.M. Harun-ar- Rashid
Road- 4 House- 35 A
Flat 1/B (1st Floor), Urban Apurba
Dhonmondi, Dhaka-1205


He had a brilliant academic career in the school in Krishnanagar and College in Dhaka where he never stood second in any examination. He obtained B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Physics from the University of Dhaka in 1953 standing First in the First Class and M.Sc. degree in Physics in 1954 again standing First in the First Class. For his outstanding academic achieve- ments, he received prizes and honours in his academic career in the School, College and the University, including the Raja Kalinarayan Scholarship awarded by the University to the most outstanding graduate every year.
Theoretical Physics
Professor Rashid was awarded the Ekushey Padak (Twenty-first February Medal) for Education in 1991 by the Government of Bangladesh. He was made a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences in 1992. He received training in Reactor Physics in 1956 at the Atomic Enegry Research Establishment, Harwell, U. K. He spent two years as Visiting Scientist at the Institute for Theoretische Kernphysik, Karlsruhe in 1963 and 1964. He was a Visiting Scientist at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste during the periods February 1966 - July 1966, January 1968 - August 1968 and January, 1974 - June 1974. He was a Visiting Scientist at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London from October, 1971 till September, 1972. He has been an Associate and later a Senior Associate of ICTP, Trieste since 1969 and visited the Centre for three months each in 1969, 1970, 1985 and 1993. He was a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Particle Theory, Department of Physics, University of Texas in Austin USA, in December 1975. He participated in the Scottish Summer School on String Theory in 1985. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of California in Los Angales in 1991. Professor Rashid has been awarded the best Science Writer Award by the Government of Bangladesh of the year 2005.
Lecturer in Physics, University of Dhaka, 1955 - 1962, Senior Scientific Officer and Principal Scientific Officer, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka 1962 - 1967. Professor of Theoretical Physics and Director, Institute of Physics, University of Islamabad, 1967 - 1971. Professor of Physics, Chairman of the Department of Theoretical Physics and Director, Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research, University of Dhaka, 1972 - 1979. Chairman, Department of Physics, University of Dhaka, 1979 - 1981, Director, Computer Centre and Professor of Physics, University of Dhaka.
Since 1988, Professor Rashid has been engaged in the study of the Skyrme model in which he has published a paper on “Rotating Solitons in General Relativity” and he has also worked on nucleon-nucleus scattering using the Dirac equation at medium energies.
Professor A.M. Harun-ar-Rashid had the honour of being a member of various academic bodies such as : Member of the Senate, University of Dhaka, 1974 - 1977; Member of the Syndicate, University of Dhaka, 1974 - 1977; Member, Executive Council, Bangla Academy, 1985 - 1987; Member, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh; Fellow, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences; Member, National Curriculum Committee as well as of Examination Reforms Committee, Govt. of Bangladesh; Member, The American Physical Society; Vice-President, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 1992 - 1993. Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences.


Elected Fellow